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Giving A Legacy Haircare Line New Life Online And In Salons


Utilizing the full power of our experience as an Amazon beauty expert and accessing our extensive salon distribution network, we successfully updated the look for this legacy haircare line, created a strategy to gradually eliminate third-party sellers, and distributed it to 300 salons in less than 60 days, quadrupling sales.


40% of Third Party Sellers Eliminated

300 Brick and Mortar Locations Added

400% Increase in Sales


Veteran hairstylist, Peter Coppola, went from owning more than 30 salons nationwide to creating a noted haircare collection. Along the way, changes in his business structure resulted in an inability to keep pace with the e-commerce beauty landscape, particularly Amazon. As a result, the Coppola line developed a distribution problem with an overabundance of third-party sellers impacting its ability to effectively control growth.

Update The Brand Image

With an understanding that it wasn’t the Coppola haircare products that were the problem but rather the imagery and strategy used to sell it, our creative team set out to refresh the product and collection pages with a more modern flair with new photography and merchandise descriptions. As a result, sales increased by 400% in less than 60 days.

Get Control Of The Inventory

Using our sophisticated inventory-management system, we projected the amount of inventory necessary for us to fulfill our distribution and fulfillment flow to Amazon and build towards being the primary seller of the Coppola line.

Gradually Decrease Third-party Sellers

Since the distributors offering the Coppola line were not counterfeiters, it was essential for us to devise a step-by-step procedure to reduce their ranks over time.

Convert Some Sales To Salons

Utilizing our access to a 5,000-salon network, we began working with our sales force to target salons that might want to buy the Coppola collection for use in their salons, identifying 300 new partners in less than 60 days.

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