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How We Got This Influencer-led Line To Stand Out


With a combined audience of over 9 million followers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, twin influencers Brooklyn & Bailey wanted to develop a new revenue stream that would further enhance their brand.


After creating their first beauty offering, Lash Next Door, they partnered with us to design a strategy that will enable them to successfully launch and grow their line on the Amazon platform.


Our targeted approach initiated the evolution of Brooklyn & Bailey’s consumer reach. We helped them advance from 100% sales to followers to 60% sales to new customers and a 400% increase in revenue in less than 6 months.


60% Sales to New Customers

400% Revenue Increase


Brooklyn & Bailey was a new company entering the crowded makeup field on a massive platform. The company didn’t have name recognition, the mascara category was rife with competition and they also had no knowledge of how they could get their offerings to break through on Amazon.

Our Strategy

Using a holistic approach, we worked closely with Brooklyn & Bailey to develop a presence that incorporated their notoriety as influencers but that was also designed to stand out on Amazon and attract new customers.

Make A More Powerful Visual Story

Using their knowledge of what works on Amazon, our creative team, took new product shots. The new photography, along with the existing imagery worked together to create a new look for the duo. Calls to Action were further utilized to heighten the brand.

Design Product Pages For Maximum Effectiveness

Using our knowledge of the competition, the demographics of our target customer, we redesigned the product pages, the brand page and the Amazon showcase page with keyword copy conceived to highlight the mascara’s most important benefits and optimized search opportunities on the Amazon platform for those shopping in the category.

Present Profitable Product Packaging Options

Our bundling program allowed us to present Lash Next Door as three different SKUs: a single product, a two-pack, and a three-pack. Each with its own product page, bar code, and visuals. As a result, customers are more likely to purchase two-packs or three-packs than a single mascara, thereby boosting revenue.

Offer Access To Amazon Insider Program

We have been selling beauty on Amazon for years and our clients yield the benefits. As a result, we:

  • Enrolled Lash Next Door in the Early Reviewer Program so customers were able to access customer feedback during the launch.

  • Offered 2-day delivery via Amazon Prime, benefitting both new customers and those who previously purchased the mascara on the duo’s website.

  • Ran sponsored display ads to reengage potential customers after they logged off of Amazon and helped direct them back to the mascara.

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