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How We Gave it a Global Footprint


Still standing partnered with us to help fuel sales and expand internationally. By updating their presence, we tripled their unit sales and launched their global expansion into Canada, the united kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. 


30% Decrease in Counterfeit Sellers

300% Increase in Sales

International Expansion into 6 Countries


Having previously launched on Amazon, Still Standing, a spray that prevents discomfort when customers wear high heels was selling consistently but brand growth was stalled. At the same time, there was an interest in international expansion but the company didn’t have the knowledge or bandwidth to increase its presence globally.

Build Up Their Brand Presence

We found that one of the impediments to Still Standing’s growth was that the brand presence had not been optimized for success on Amazon. Our creative team updated the photography, rewrote descriptions to be SEO-friendly and developed new product and brand pages.

Create Advertising With Impact

As Still Standing’s new Amazon partner, we knew it was critical to target new customers. The line hadn’t used advertising previously and we utilized research to identify the environments in which we could successfully attract consumers.

Cut Out The Counterfeits

Because of our long-standing relationship selling beauty on Amazon, we were able to enroll Still Standing in Project Zero. It is an invite-only initiative that among other things, helps protects companies from counterfeit sellers.

Create An Environment For Global Growth

Because Amaglam already has a global presence and experiences dealing with customs and VAT, we were uniquely positioned to help a new brand expand into new markets.  We were able to increase our international inventory in Canada as well as our Latvia warehouse and arrange for Still Standing to be distributed via Amazon across Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. 

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